Thanks to our in-house laboratory, Madera Veterinary Hospital is equipped to perform a wide range of tests that help us quickly and accurately diagnose pets and begin the appropriate course of treatment. Our high-quality equipment allows us to offer a complete range of in-house laboratory services and, in many cases, reach diagnoses within just 24 hours. Providing testing services in-house is often more affordable for our clients, too.

In-House Lab Services

While we do work with outside laboratory services when advanced testing is needed, we are equipped to perform a wide range of testing services in our facility. The tests we offer in-house include but are not limited to:

Blood tests

Ear cytology

Complete blood counts

Urine tests

Mass cytology

Blood Chemistry

Skin scrapes

Skin cytology

Tests for viruses, such as the feline leukemia virus, parvovirus, etc.

Heartworm tests

Pancreatitis testing

Fecal examinations (typically to test for tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and other internal parasites)

If your pet requires more advanced testing, such as bacterial and/or fungal cultures, comprehensive thyroid panels, tick panels, histopathology, etc., we may work with an outside laboratory service. Our team will always discuss this with you prior to proceeding.

In-House Laboratory Services in Tucson

When your pet needs diagnostic testing, we make the process as simple, efficient, and affordable as possible by offering in-house laboratory services in Tucson. To learn more about our complete range of in-house diagnostic testing services or to schedule your dog or cat’s appointment, please contact our friendly staff today.

Veterinarian in Tucson

Madera Veterinary Hospital provides in-house laboratory services in Tucson, Southeast Tucson, Rita Ranch, Vail, Civano, and Corona de Tucson.