Dental care isn’t just important for humans; it’s crucial for pets, too! While it is often overlooked, routine dental care should be a part of your dog or cat’s routine health and wellness plan. A number of health problems can occur as a result of poor dental health, and without treatment, most dogs and cats suffer from some type of tooth or gum disease by the time they are three years old.

At Madera Veterinary Hospital, our compassionate team provides pet dental care for Tucson-area pets.

Dental Care Services

We recommend having your pet’s teeth and gums examined at least once per year. This gives us a chance to look for potential problems before they become serious. Keep in mind that periodontal disease can begin at any time, so it’s never too early to bring your pet in for a checkup!

Our dental care services include comprehensive exams, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, tooth extractions, and minor oral surgeries. For your pet’s comfort and safety, procedures other than basic visual exams are usually performed while they are sedated.

Pet Dental Care in Tucson

In addition to bringing your pet in for annual exams and cleanings, you may want to schedule a dental appointment for your pet if they are having any of the following problems:

Bad breath

Abnormal amount of chewing and/or drooling

Broken or loose teeth

Decreased appetite

Tooth discoloration

Mouth pain, swelling, or bleeding

Excessive tartar buildup

Mouth sores

When you need pet dental care in Tucson, trust the compassionate team right here at Madera Veterinary Hospital. To schedule an appointment for your dog or cat or to learn more about our complete range of dental services, please reach out to us today. We look forward to speaking with you!

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Madera Veterinary Hospital provides comprehensive pet dental care in Tucson, Southeast Tucson, Rita Ranch, Vail, Civano, and Corona de Tucson.