If you have a pet who is living with arthritis or recovering from an injury, easing their pain is likely one of your primary concerns. For many pets, cold laser therapy is the answer. This technology has been used by chiropractors and sports medicine professionals for years, and it is becoming more common in the veterinary world. At Madera Veterinary Hospital, we are thrilled to offer this revolutionary treatment to help ease pain and discomfort in companion animals.

What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

In simple terms, a laser is a high-tech device that emits intense beams of light on a chosen wavelength. The cold laser therapy device we use here at Madera Veterinary Hospital is small and handheld. During treatment, the vet holds the device near the injured or painful part of your dog or cat’s body for a predetermined length of time. This exposes the area to soothing light rays from the device. Typically, the procedure is repeated multiple times over the course of several days or until the desired effect is reached.

During treatment, your pet does not feel any pain or discomfort. In many cases, they experience decreased pain and improved range of motion immediately following treatment. The laser desensitizes pain receptors in the treated area and increases blood flow, which stimulates healing.

Cold Laser Therapy for Pets in Tucson

We are thrilled to provide cold laser therapy for pets in Tucson and the surrounding areas.
To learn more about this revolutionary treatment and how it can help your pet, please contact us today.

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Madera Veterinary Hospital offers cold laser therapy for pets in Tucson, Southeast Tucson, Rita Ranch, Vail, Civano, and Corona de Tucson.