The Importance of Pet Wellness in Tucson

No matter how young or old your pet is, wellness care is the key to ensuring their long-term health ...
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Signs of Pain in Pets from Your Veterinarian in Tucson

No loving pet parent wants to see their companion in pain. Unfortunately, because animals are masters when it comes to hiding signs of pain and discomfort, your pal could be suffering without you even knowing it. Because September is Animal Pain Awareness Month - and because we hate seeing animals hurting - we’d like to share some of the most common signs of pain in companion animals. If your pet is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed below or you have any other reason to believe they are in pain, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian in Tucscon right away! 

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Tucson Veterinarian Provides Laser Therapy for Arthritis Treatment for Pets

Doesn’t it seem like yesterday when you couldn’t keep up with your furry ball of energy? Running behind soccer balls, bounding up and down the stairs, and jumping on the couch drove the pleasures of life. But lately, your pet is having difficulty doing simple things.

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Welcome to Madera Veterinary Hospital

Welcome to Madera Veterinary Hospital! Conveniently located in East Tucson, we are a family-run vet clinic providing a wide range of services for dogs and cats throughout Tucson, Southeast Tucson, Rita Ranch, Vail, Civano, Corona de Tucson, and the surrounding areas.

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